about us

About Boxperience

Our Purpose

Imagine a world of opportunity where people share experiences together while apart. A sense of connectedness traverses the farthest of distances, partnerships reach their fullest potential, and the finest joys in life are always within reach.

We deliver impactful experiences that lead to meaningful connections -- to make that vision a reality. Our values are the core of every Boxperience we create.

Our value are the core of every Boxperience we create.

With our mission at heart, we strive to always:

Develop Connection

We firmly believe in the power of connection. Go beyond breaking the ice to build meaningful relationships. Rise to the challenge of meeting new people and bonding with old partners.

Share Joy

Bring joy to others through positive words, actions, and experiences. As we spread happiness, we generate dynamic enthusiasm and unparalleled excitement.

Care Deeply

We don't just care about people; we understand people, and we work with others who do the same. Go the greatest lengths for those around you to show them how much you value them.

Choose Freedom

Not only do we offer the freedom to choose, we choose freedom. Embrace independent thinking. Break the boundaries of distance and restrictions of convention.

See Potential

Appreciate and cultivate potential in yourself and others. Visualize new ways to field your success. We uncover and created opportunities for enjoyment, growth and collaboration.